Enrollment / Fees / Policy


Full-Time Monday to Friday – 8am – 5:30PM
Please call for information about fees 917-779-9828.
Fees are paid every two weeks by cash or check or Zelle.
The fee covers all program activities and daily meals (breakfast, lunch, and PM snacks).  This fee does not include diapers, baby wipes baby formula, and baby food.
Full payment is due regardless of any absence, vacations, inclement weather closings, and federal or religious holidays.
1. Little Garden Daycare retains the right to terminate the “Contract” for the safety and welfare of any the children based on the following reasons:
2. The child’s behavior is destructive, uncontrollable, violent, or threatening to the other children or provider.
3. A parent doesn’t pay the bi-weekly fee to Little Garden Daycare.
4. In case of emergency, Little Garden Daycare will take all the necessary precautions to keep the child(ren) safe and in good health. Parents will be notified immediately.
5. Child registration also grants permission to Little Garden Daycare to use any photography or video of the child(ren) for publicity on our website and social media.
6. Little Garden Daycare must be notified by parents of any changes of address, telephone numbers or emergency contact information no later the 2 days after the changes.